Yarn Crafts

PomPoms make me think of the 80’s. I had the low rise socks with the Pom Pom on the end! Loved those socks so much because they were so fun!

I wanted to try and make my own Pompoms and purchased the PomPom makers from Amazon HERE.

They made it super simple to make my own pompoms. I found a pompom wreath on Pinterest that I wanted to try and recreate in my own color scheme. If you’ve been wanting to try and make your own Pompoms, get the PomPom kit and get started!

A simple yarn craft to try that requires no skills or special tools except for scissors and some creativity! You can purchase wooden dowels on Amazon —HERE.

Choose yarns based on your color scheme. Be sure and pick yarns in different sizes and textures to create dimension in your piece. To attach the yarn to your dowel you will use the cow hitch knot. (Pictured below) Decide how long you want the end product to be and cut the yarn twice as long.

Buy crafting dowels HERE

My end product came together nicely and was made for a family friend with the colors of the college she was attending in mind.

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